Evil Tormentor Of Slashy Boys (aiyokusama) wrote in dead_robin,
Evil Tormentor Of Slashy Boys

[Ficlet] Regret 1.0 (Jason/Dick)

Title:  Regrets 1.0
Fandom: Batman
Characters: Dick/Jason, mention of Tim and Alfred
Genre: Angst with humour?
Warning: Jason’s potty mouth and heavy petting, slash
Rating: PG-13, maybe R
Word Count: 898
Summary:  Jason is just following orders.
Author’s Notes:  This isn’t the story I wanted to write when I sat down to write ladyblkrose's request for the events following Duct Tape Use #41.  But it’s the story that took over.  The reason it has the 1.0 in the title because I AM writing a different (and smuttier) version of events, which will be Regrets 2.0.  Hopefully you like both.

This way to the fic....
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