kermitfries00 (kermitfries00) wrote in dead_robin,

Fic: A beautiful mess l Jason Todd l PG-13 l Drabble

Title: A beautiful mess
Prompt: Break
Characters: Slade Wilson, Jason Todd
Warnings: This all takes place when Jason is still Robin, so canonically, he’s not yet fifteen; he hasn’t yet died, and lost all faith in humanity. There is violence, but it’s all pretty sketchy, one dimensional right now.
Summary: This is sort of more of a character study of Jason Todd through the eyes of Deathstroke, the terminator. Jason has this deep seated need to be number one, to be somebody’s first choice. Be careful what you wish for. Slade has decided that he wants to break the mind of this one child, first.

We are all scared. If you're not scared, then you haven't been paying attention.
Tags: fanfic, jason todd
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